Amanita sect. Validae (Fr.) Quél.

Species pages in section Validae presented in alphabetic order by species epithet. Many species in this section have a bulb at the base of the stipe. In such cases, if possible, dimensions for the stipe excluding the bulb are provided as are the bulb's dimensions. Note: this list is not a complete list of epithets of taxa that might be assigned to sect. Vaginatae.

["t.b.d." = "to be developed"]

Background tile depicts Amanita rubescens f. annulosulfurea.


A [ top ]
Amanita aestivalis Singer ex Singer
Amanita asteropus Sabo ex Romagn.
Amanita australis G. Stev.
Amanita austrobulbosa (Cleland) Grgur. (t.b.d.)

B [ top ]
Amanita basiorubra O. K. Mill.
Amanita bharatensis A. V. Sathe & Jeys. Daniel
Amanita brunneibulbosa O. K. Mill.
Amanita brunneolocularis Tulloss, Ovrebo & Halling
Amanita brunnescens G. F. Atk. (incomplete)
Amanita bulbosa (Schaeff.) Lam. var. bulbosa
Amanita bulbosa var. citrina (Schaeff.) Gillet

C [ top ]
Amanita campinaranae Bas
Amanita citrina var. grisea (Hongo) Hongo
Amanita citrina f. lavendula (Coker) Veselı
Amanita cyanopus C. Simmons, T. Henkel & Bas

D [ top ]
Amanita demissa Corner & Bas

E [ top ]
Amanita echinulata Beeli
Amanita elongata Peck
Amanita erythrocephala Neville, Poumarat & Aste
Amanita excelsa (Fr. : Fr.) Bertillon in Dechambre

F [ top ]
Amanita flavella E.-J. Gilbert & Cleland
Amanita flavipes S. Imai
Amanita flavivolva Murrill
Amanita flavoconia G. F. Atk. var. flavoconia (incomplete)
Amanita flavoconia var. inquinata Tulloss, Ovrebo & Halling
Amanita flavorubens (Berk. & Mont.) Sacc.
Amanita franchetii (Boud.) Fayod
Amanita franchetii f. lactella (E.-J. Gilbert & Kühner) Bon & Contu in Contu
Amanita fraterna (Murrill) Murrill
Amanita fritillaria (Berk.) Sacc.
Amanita fritillaria f. malayensis Corner & Bas
Amanita fuliginosa Beeli
Amanita fuscobrunnea A. E. Wood
Amanita fuscosquamosa A. E. Wood

G [ top ]
Amanita grisella E.-J. Gilbert & Cleland
Amanita griselloides D. A. Reid

H-I-J-K [ top ]
Amanita ingwa Grgur.
Amanita innatifibrilla Zhu L. Yang nom. prov.
Amanita kalamundae O. K. Mill.
Amanita karea G. S. Ridl.

L [ top ]
Amanita luteofusca Cleland & E.-J. Gilbert
Amanita luteolovelata D. A. Reid

M [ top ]
Amanita maculans Murrill) Murrill
Amanita media Dav. T. Jenkins
Amanita morrisii Peck

N [ top ]
Amanita neglecta Boedijn
Amanita neoneglecta Tulloss nom. prov.
Amanita nothofagi G. Stev.
Amanita novinupta Tulloss & J. Lindgr. (incomplete)

O [ top ]
Amanita orsonii Ash. Kumar & T. N. Lakh.

P-Q [ top ]
Amanita pausiaca Corner & Bas
Amanita perphaea C. Simmons, T. Henkel & Bas
Amanita picea Tulloss, Ovrebo & Halling
Amanita pilosella Corner & Bas
Amanita pilosella f. atroconica Corner & Bas
Amanita porphyria Alb. & Schwein. : Fr.

R [top ]
Amanita radiata Dav. T. Jenkins
Amanita rubescens Pers. : Fr.
Amanita rubescens var. alba Coker
Amanita rubescens var. congolensis Beeli

S [ top ]
Amanita salmonescens Tulloss
Amanita sepiacea S. Imai
Amanita sinocitrina Zhu L. Yang, Z. H. Chen & Z. G. Zhang
Amanita solaniolens H. L. Stewart & Grund
Amanita sordidogrisea A. E. Wood
Amanita squamosa (Massee) Corner & Bas comb. prov.
Amanita strobilaceoides A. E. Wood
Amanita subcitriniceps (Murrill) Murrill
Amanita submaculata Peck
Amanita subphalloides (Murrill) Murrill

T [ top ]
Amanita tristis Corner & Bas

U-V [ top ]
Amanita variabilis E.-J. Gilbert & Cleland
Amanita virella E.-J. Gilbert ex Singer

W-X-Y-Z [ top ]
Amanita walpolei O. K. Mill.
Amanita xanthella Corner & Bas
Amanita xanthomargaros Corner & Bas

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