Amanita pudica Beeli
"African Rose Ringless Amanita"

Technical description not yet available.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The cap of A. pudica is usually free of volval remnants, 50 - 80 mm wide, uniformly pink, convex at first becoming planar; its center becomes depressed. The margin is finely striate. The flesh is white.

The gills are reported as free and white and are probably irregularly and finely decoraged on the margin.

The stem measures 70 - 80 x 7 - 9 mm, white, cylindric, smooth, exannulate, and undecorated. The volva is thick and membranous; and the brown exterior surface is cracked to show the white interior.

According to Walleyn (1996), the spores measure (7.0-) 8.2 - 10.9 (-11.3) x (4.9-) 5.5 - 7.9 Ám and are ellipsoid for the most part and inamyloid.

The species was originally described from Congo and occurs in central Africa.

This is surely one of the most beautifully and delicately colored of all species of the genus. -- R. E. Tulloss

Photo: David Arora

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