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December 31 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita ibotengutake.

December 29 2011

Site usage: On 27 December, this site received its 26,000th visit of 2011 and has now delivered 16.37 Gbytes of data to its users in the present year.

December 28 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita brunneoconulus.

December 25 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita pulverotecta.

December 24 2011

Reassignment of taxon: The poorly known taxon A. frostiana var. pallidipes is clearly not a variety of A. frostiana and appears to belong in subsection Pantherinae, in which it has now been placed on this site.

Updated brief tab: Amanita eriorphora and A. frostiana var. pallidipes.

Updated techtabs: Amanita borneensis, A. eriorphora, A. frostiana var. pallidipes, and A. russuloides.

December 23 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita berkeleyi and A. borneensis.

Updated techtabs: Amanita ameghinoi, A. berkeleyi, A. borneensis, A. longipes, and A. pelioma.

December 22 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita daucipes, A. longistriata, and A. pantherinoides.

Updated techtabs: Amanita daucipes, A. longistriata, A. pantherinoides, A. rubescens, and A. solitaria.

GenBank link news: The lists of species for which sequences have been posted was beginning to make access to the basic workaday news more difficult for your readers. A child page of this page (here) has been created to hold the lists of taxa for which GenBank accession numbers have been posted (with related information on voucher specimens and labs that sourced the sequencing data).

December 21 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita longistriata.

December 20 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita angustilamellata and A. murinoflammeum.

Updated techtabs: Amanita hemibapha var. ochracea, A. murinoflammeum, and A. xanthocephala.

Additions to glossary: Dr. Bas' definition of "proliferated clamps."

December 19 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita monticulosa and A. pruittii.

Updated techtab: Amanita monticulosa.

December 18 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita bisporigera.

December 17 2011

Site usage: Today this site received its 25,000th visit of 2012 and has now delivered 15.89 Gbytes of data to its users in the present year.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita codinae, A. silvicola, and A. vittadinii.

Updated techtab: Amanita codinae, A. prairiicola, and A. vittadinii.

December 16 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita crassa.

Updated techtabs: Amanita crassa and A. vittadinii.

December 15 2011

Updated brief tabs: Broken links were found and corrected on these pages: Amanita phalloides, A. regalis, A. roseophylla, A. tuza.

Updated techtab: Amanita protecta.

December 13 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-F14.

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-F14.

December 10 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita hongoi.

December 9 2011

Provisional names become published, accepted names: Amanita conara, A. costaricensis, and A. garabitoana.

Updated techtabs: Amanita boliviana, A. conara, A. costaricensis, A. garabitoana, and A. vernicoccora.

Updated brief tab: Amanita boliviana.

December 8 2011

Site usage: Today this site received its 24,000th visit of 2012 and has now delivered 15.38 Gbytes of data to its users in the present year.

Change in name: The newly published name Amanita vernicoccora replaces all occurrences on this site of the former provisional name A. icthyeroballen.

New taxon page: A possibly novel taxon from Prov. Guanacaste, Costa Rica has been added under the name A. sp-Cano-239.

Updated techtabs: Amanita elongata, A. sp-N47, and A. sp-Cano-239.

December 7 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita annulatovaginata var. atra, Amanita annulatovaginata var. citrina, A. basiana, and A. hyperborea.

December 6 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita erythrocephala and A. xanthocephala.

Updated techtabs: Amanita erythrocephala, A. multisquamosa, A. sp-10, A. sp-36, and A. sp-MD01.

December 5 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita xanthocephala.

December 4 2011

Corrected spelling: The epithet "fibrilosa" was incorrectly spelled in its protolog except in the caption of a figure.  The correct spelling is adopted on this site.  We find no reason supportive of the idea that A. fibrillosa is based on an aged specimen of A. strobilaceovolvata as proposed by Gilbert (1941) and move A. fibrillosa from listing in sect. Caesareae to listing in sect. Vaginatae.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita albopulverulenta, A. fibrillosa, and A. strobilaceovolvata.

Updated techtabs: Amanita albopulverulenta, A. fibrillosa, and A. strobilaceovolvata.

December 3 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita farinosa sensu Thiers, A. luteolovelata, and A. roseolamellata.

December 2 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita pudica.

December 1 2011

The following pages have been added : A. annulatovaginata var. atra (in section Vaginatae) and A. annulatovaginata var. amethystina (subordinated to the species).

Updated brief tabs: Amanita annulatovaginata, A. annulatovaginata var. atra, A. annulatovaginata var. citrina, A. dulciarii, and A. sp-Arora-01-536.

Updated techtabs: Amanita annulatovaginata, A. annulatovaginata var. atra, and A. annulatovaginata var. citrina.

November 30 2011

New taxon pages: Separate pages will be generated for the non-type varieties of A. annulatovaginata.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita annulatovaginata, A. strophiolata, and A. sp-Arora-01-536.

Updated techtabs: Amanita echinulata, A. pudica, A. strophiolata, and A. sp-Arora-01-536.

November 29 2011

New taxon page: Amanita sp-Arora-01-536 has been segregated from A. fuliginosa on the basis (at least) of cap color and spore size; this impacts both the brief and technical tabs of the cited pages.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita echinulata, A. fuliginosa, and A. sp-Arora-01-536.

Updated techtabs: Amanita echinulata, A. fuliginosa, and A. sp-Arora-01-536.

November 28 2011

Site usage: Today we had our 23,000th visitor for 2011 and our downloaded data now exceeds 14.93 GBytes for the year.

New taxon page: Amanita sp-Arora-01-560 has been segregated from both A. fulvosaquamulosa and A. goossensiae on the basis of spore shape; this impacts all the named pages.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita echinulata, A. fulvosquamulosa, A. goossensiae, and A. sp-Arora-01-560.

Updated techtabs: Amanita fulvosquamulosa, A. goossensiae, and A. sp-Arora-01-560.

November 27 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita fulvosquamulosa.

Updated techtabs: Amanita fulvosquamulosa and A. goossensiae.

November 26 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita pulverulenta.

Updated techtab: Amanita pulverulenta.

November 25 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita calopus and A. tuza.

Updated techtabs: Amanita calopus and A. tuza.

November 24 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita lanosula.

Updated techtabs: Amanita lanosa and A. lanosula.

November 23 2011

Taxon moved: Amanita robusta Beeli was misplaced in sect. Caesareae.  Its protolog includes an illustration showing a stipe that is not totally elongating and describes the partial veil as cortina-like.  It has been moved to Amanita [section Amanita subsection Amanita] series Pudicae because of its morphological similarity to A. pudica, which also bears a saccate volva.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita friabilis, A. lanosa, and A. robusta.

Updated techtabs: Amanita lanosa and A. robusta.

November 22 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita elegans, A. odorata, A. olivacea, A. subviscosa, and A. virella.

Updated techtabs: Amanita elegans, A. odorata, A. olivacea, A. subviscosa, and A. virella.

November 21 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita olivacea.

November 18 2011

Site usage: Site visits have exceeded 22,000 for the year 2011.

November 17 2011

Name status change: Amanita floccosolivida is now considered insufficiently known.  The available data (although including good watercolors) is insufficient to know if the species is an Amanita.  Gilbert and Beeli erected a new genus to accommodate this species—Volvella.  It has colored spores according to the same authors.  Its ontogeny is unknown.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita floccosolivida, A. fulvopulverulenta, A. rhodophylla, and A. strophiolata.

Updated techtab: Amanita floccosolivida, A. fulvopulverulenta, A. luteoflava, A. rhodophylla, A. strophiolata and A. umbrina.

November 16 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita loosii and A. pudica.

November 15 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita singeri

Updated techtab: Amanita pleropus

November 13 2011

New taxon page: Limacella sp-Cannon-25-vii-2011

Updated techtab: Limacella sp-Cannon-25-vii-2011

November 12 2011

Continuing edits to taxon pages in Limacella: The first pass of necessary edits (see below) to Limacella brief and technical tabs of taxa of Limacella has been completed.

Updated brief tab: Limacella illinita var. rubescens.

Updated techtabs: Limacella illinita var. rubescens, L. olivaceobrunnea, and Limacella sp-CMP0152.

November 11 2011

Continuing edits to taxon pages in Limacella: The necessary edits (see below) to Limacella sect. Limacella have been completed.

New taxon page: Limacella illinita sensu H. V. Smith.

Updated brief tab: Limacella illinita sensu H. V. Smith.

Updated techtabs: Limacella illinita var. argillacea, Limacella illinita var. rubescens, and Limacella illinita sensu H. V. Smith.

November 10 2011

Data field name change for Limacella techtabs: We have proposed that the gluten layer in Limacella is the evolutionary predecessor to the universal veil in Amanita.  We continue to think that this is probably the case; however, the gluten layer has its own unique characters and describing it in the "universal veil" data field of this site has begun to seem inappropriate...sort of forcing a triangular peg into a round hole.  Hence, we have introduced a new data field that will appear on techtabs for taxa in Limacella—"gluten layer"—which will replace the appearance of the "universal veil" data field on those techtabs.  We now have to edit out references to the "universal veil" in existing descriptions of the pileus and stipe and replace the phrase with "gluten layer."  Sometimes, more complex editing is required.  This will take a little time.  We have completed preliminary edits for the brief and technical tabs of the species of sect. Amanitellae.

Updated techtabs: Amanita cokeri, Limacella delicata, L. myxodictyon, and L. roseola.

November 8 2011

Site usage: Today the site was visited for the 21,000th time in 2011.  Total downloads from the site in 2011 now exceed 14.05 GB.

November 7 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita californica.

November 5 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita fibrillopes and A. flaviphylla.

November 4 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita hamadae and A. squarrosa.

November 3 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita flavofloccosa, A. sp-M10, A. subremota, Limacella ochraceolutea, and L. pitereka.

Novermber 2 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita nauseosa.

Updated techtabs: Amanita nauseosa, A. sp-M10, and Limacella ochraceolutea.

November 1 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita kammala.

Updated techtabs: Amanita ingwa, A. kammala, A. preissii, and A. umbrinella.

October usage: We hit an all-time high monthly usage of 3209 visits in October 2011.  The development team thanks you for your interest in this site.

October 30 2011

Site usage milestone: This morning (USA eastern time) the 20,000th visitor of 2011 visited this site.  Data downloads via browsers in 2011, now has exceeded 13.6 GBytes.  Since June, every new month's "visits" number has exceeded that of the previous month; once again, October 2011 has become our new record month for usage as measured in visits (visits of robots, spiders, etc. are excluded from our statistics to the degree possible by awstats.).

Updated brief tab: Amanita brunneibulbosa and A. eucalypti.

Updated techtabs: Amanita eucalypti, A. fraterna, A. murina, A. sp-36, A. sp-F14, and A. sp-N47.

Personal note: Last night and this morning, RET had a unique experience of a persistent snow storm in a New Jersey October...with many leaves (including many green leaves) still on the trees.  This morning, the snow is still on the ground amidst much greenery and an increased amount of "Fall color."

October 29 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita brunneibulbosa and A. sp-N47.

October 28 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita imazekii, A. murina, and Amanita sp-N47.

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-N47.

October 26-27 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita imazekii.

Updated techtab: Amanita murina.

October 24-25 2011

Creative Commons notice buttons have been added to all page templates on this site.  They are to be found on the lower right of the blue title bar at the top of all site pages, in association with the "site this page" button.

Updated brief tab: Amanita marmorata.

Updated techtabs: Amanita labordei and A. marmorata.

October 22 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita curta and A. sp-N58.

Updated techtabs: Amanita curta, A. grisea, A. marmorata, and A. sp-N58.

October 21 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita farinacea, A. subalbida, and A. sublutea.

October 20 2011

By late afternoon (U.S. eastern daylight time) this site had reached 19,000 visits for the present year and downloaded a total of 13.15 GB of data to viewers.

New taxon page: Amanita sp-N58—a species assigned to the gemmatoid group in Amanita section Amanita collected for the first time in Connecticut, U.S.A., with several characters provisionally suggesting relationship to the Mediterranean taxon A. eliae.

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-N58.

Updated techtabs: Amanita effusa, A. sp-N58, and A. strobilacea.

October 17-19 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita eliae, A. grossa sensu Aberdeen, and A. parcivolvata.

Updated techtabs: Amanita griseibrunnea, A. grossa, and A. grossa sensu Aberdeen.

October 16 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita ochroterrea.

Updated techtab: Amanita ochroterrea.

October 15 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita ochrophylla.

Updated techtab: Amanita ochrophylla.

October 13-14 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita caesareoides and A. luteolovelata.

Updated techtabs: Amanita caesareoides and A. luteolovelata.

October 11 2011

Early this morning (eastern U.S. time) the number of visits to this site surpassed 18,000 for the present year.  At the same time the total content downloaded to our users in 2011 surpassed 12.62 GB.  We thank all our users for the value they obviously place on "Studies in the Amanitaceae."

Citation of pages has been facilitated by a "cite this page" function that was added in the last week.  Material from this site represents the work of numerous authors and much, otherwise unbpublished, original work of RET.  We have seen cases of this work being used in print and on the web without mention of the source.  This is inappropriate and not in the scientific tradition.  We ask that our users, cite these pages when they use them in support of their own publications.  This is now facilitated by the "cite this page" function which appears on every page in the lower right corner of the blue "page name box" at the top of the page.

Updated brief tab: Amanita ochrophylla.

Updated techtab: Amanita ochrophylla and A. xanthogala.

October 8-10 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita japonica and A. ochrophylla.

October 7 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita eucalypti has a new illustration (again thanks to Dr. Elaine Davison).

October 5-6 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita bisporigera, A. gymnopus, A. kwangsiensis, A. pseudoporphyria, A. pseudovaginata, A. rufoferruginea, and A. sphaerobulbosa.

October 3-4 2011

Over the last day and a half, our ISP has been under hacker attack that extremely slows response time.  We appear to be operational again on 4 October.  Thanks, David.

Updated techtabs: Amanita alboflavescens, A. castanopsis, A. citrina var. grisea, A. griseofarinosa, A. lutescens, A. neoovoidea, and A. pseudogemmata.

We reported recorded visits to this site in 2011 as having exceeded 14,000 on 1 September 2011; at the same time we had downloaded over 9 gigabytes of data to our users.  As of today (4 October), we have exceeded 17,380 visits for the year and downloaded 12.35 gigabytes of data to our users.

October 1-2 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita alboflavescens and A. subsolitaria.

September 28-30 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita siamensis and A. xerocybe.

September 10-11 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita siamensis.

September 7-8 2011

Many, many thanks to the attendees at the COMA C. T. Rogerson Memorial Foray over the last weekend.  We still don't know with any certainty the number of Amanita species collected during the foray, but the count is presently well over 40 and expected to get close to 50.  A goodly number of the collections represent undescribed taxa, and several are completely new to us.  Hooray for all the hard-collecting participants.

We extend our thanks to Dr. Elaine Davison who generously sent us images of the fascinating Australian species A. basiorubra and A. fibrillopes.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita basiorubra and A. fibrillopes.

Updated techtabs: Amanita abrupta, A. amerifulva, A. amerirubescens, A. banningiana, A. bisporigera, A. elongata, A. farinosa, A. jacksonii, A. rubescens var. alba, A. sp-34, A. sp-N46, A. sp-N47, A. sp-N49, A. sp-S01, A. spreta, A. subcokeri, and A. velatipes.

September 2 2011

Today the U.S. team heads to Hebron, Connecticut for the annual COMA (Connecticut-Westchester Mycol. Assoc.) foray weekend.  Over recent days, efforts were made to improve site coverage of provisional taxa that have been collected in eastern Connecticut.  This effort should support a better selection process for retention of samples of both well-known and apparently undescribed taxa during the foray.  The foray area (extending over several Connecticut counties) provides interesting fungal diversity in a region that mixes sites with Canadian Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) and hardwood forest with forests more typical of the sandy Atlantic Coastal Plain.  Hence, at one foray, one may find "southeastern" species such as A. cylindrispora, A. subolitaria, and A. recutita sensu Coker as well as the beginnings of the great diversity of undescribed taxa in section Vaginatae typical of the boreal and subboreal forests in northeastern North America.

September 1 2011

Today we surpassed 14,000 visits for the year 2011.  During that this year we have also provided viewed pages amounting to over 9 GB of downloaded data.

New taxon page: Amanita sp-N47—a small taxon of section Validae from eastern North America with a floral or fruity odor and an appearance suggesting A. flavorubens.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita atkinsoniana, A. jacksonii, A. penetratrix, A. sp-N47, and A. sp-N54.

Updated techtabs: Amanita sp-N47 and A. sp-N54.

August 31 2011

New taxon page: Another possible new taxon of section Vaginatae based on collections from eastern Connecticut—Amanita sp-N54.

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-N44.

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-N54.

August 29-30 2011

New taxon pages: Amanita sp-N50 and A. sp-N53.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita flavoconia, A. sp-N35, A. sp-N37, A. sp-N46, A. sp-N50, A. sp-N53, and A. sp-V01.

Updated techtabs: Amanita amerifulva, A. siamensis, A. sp-N46, A. sp-N50 and A. sp-N53.

August 28 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita farinosa.

Updated techtabs: Amanita farinosa, A. russuloides, A. sp-N08, A. sp-N19, and A. sp-T22.

August 27 2011

New taxon page: Amanita sp-54.  This is a species that RET doesn't recall seeing previously.  It is fairly clear that it belongs somewhere near the "flavoconia group" in section Validae despite having a strongly striate pileus margin.

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-54.

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-54.

August 26 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita spreta.

August 24-25 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-04.

Updated techtabs: Amanita rhoadsii and A. sp-04.

August 23 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita canescens, A. longipes, A. multisquamosa, A. mutabilis, and A. rhoadsii.

August 22 2011

Yesterday we had our 13,000th visitor for 2011.

Crassospores: Our first observation of crassospores in A. multisquamosa produced a reasonable digital image thanks to Cristina.  See the techtab for that species.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita multisquamosa and A. subcokeri.

Updated techtabs: Amanita multisquamosa and A. subcokeri.

August 20-21 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita farinosa, A. magniradix, A. multisquamosa, A. russuloides, A. subcokeri, and A. williamsiae.

August 17-19 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita amerifulva, A. flavoconia, A. flavorubens, and A. sp-Litten_L-715.

Updated techtabs: Amanita amerifulva, A. amerirubescens, A. bisporigera, A. brunnescens, A. canescens, A. flavorubens, A. rasitabula, A. sp-34, A. sp-Litten_L-715, A. sp-N44, A. velatipes, and A. williamsiae.

August 15-16 2011

Eastern U.S. team back at home base with two interesting, undescribed Vaginatae still to work up from the time at NEMF 2011.

Updated techtabs: Amanita amerifulva, A. atkinsoniana, A. bisporigera, A. borealisorora, A. atkinsoniana, A. dolichopus, A. farinosa, A. flavoconia, A. longicuneus, A. murrilliana, A. onusta, A. rubescens var. alba, A. sp-Litten_L-715, A. submaculata, and A. virginiana.

August 12 2011

New taxon page: Amanita sp-Litten_L-715 in section Vaginatae.

August 11-12 2011

The New Jersey team has moved (for the weekend) to Paul Smiths, Franklin County, New York, for the NEMF 2011 foray. Updated techtab: Amanita borealisorora, A. elongata, A. flavoconia, A. longicuneus.

August 10 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita parvipantherina.

Updated techtabs: Amanita microlepis, A. multisquamosa, A. praecox, A. sp-N48, and A. williamsiae.

August 7-9, 2011

The apparent new species of sect. Vaginatae found at NAMA 2011 in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, will get the "cryptonom. temp." of Amanita sp-N51 and A. sp-N52.

Updated brief tab: Amanita sp-N51.

Updated techtabs: Amanita bisporigera, A. cinereopannosa, A. farinosa, A. flavoconia, A. nitida sensu Coker, A. onusta, A. rubescens var. alba, A. sp-N51, A. sp-N52, and A. xanthomitra.

August 5, 2011

Continuing from Clarion, Pennsylvania...

New taxon page: Amanita nitida sensu Coker.

Updated techtabs: Amanita atkinsoniana and A. onusta.

August 1-4 2011 set new monthly records in July—2100 visits and 1.18 GBytes downloaded to users' browsers.  At month's end, visits to the site for 2011 reached 11,351; and data throughput for the year had reached 7.05 GBytes.  Thank you for your interest and confidence.

On 4 August 2011, RET, CRC, and David Tulloss presented a 3 hour workshop on this web site at the 2011 NAMA (North American Mycological Association) foray to an audience of 27 persons in a computer laboratory at Clarion University, Clarion, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

New taxon page: Amanita sp-F14, a species similar to the A. flavoconia group known to us from Osceola, Co., Florida, U.S.A., has been added to the site.

Updated techtabs: Amanita cinereoconia, A. cinereopannosa, A. flavivolva, A. sp-10, A. sp-F14, and A. velatipes.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita flavivolva and A. fraterna.

July 30-31 2011

New taxon page: Amanita sp-M37, a probable taxon from Mexico that, very generally speaking, falls among the narrower spored taxa in the "A. flavoconia group."

Updated techtab: Amanita sp-36.

July 25-29 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita banningiana, A. cinereopannosa, A. ravenelii, A. sp-S10, A. spreta, and A. velatipes.

July 6 2011

From tomorrow until 22 July 2011, RET will be away from his home base.  During that time, site-related communications may be limited.

Updated brief tab: Amanita onusta.

Updated techtab: Amanita luteolovelata [slightly improved spore description] and A. roseolamellata [improved spore description].

1 July 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita luteolovelata.

29 June 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita effusa and A. strobilacea.

28 June 2011

Usage: Before midnight last night (US EST), the site had its 9,000th visitor for 2011.

26-27 June 2011

A new collection has been made of Amanita peltigera in Western Australia.  This good news was received a few hours ago from Dr. Elaine Davison, who collected and photographed the specimen two photos of which now grace the taxon page for A. peltigera.  The new collection (like the first) lacks a partial veil.

Updated techtabs: Amanita austrostraminea and A. conicobulbosa.

24 June 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita gracilienta.

Updated techtab: Amanita clelandii.

23 June 2011

Over the last few days, we noticed what we thought was a general tendency of spore widths to be (on average) larger in (Grgurinovic 1997) than in other works concerning the same (largely Australian) species.  The apparent problem appeared significant enough so that it affected the range of spore width, the mean spore width, the range of Q, and mean Q.  We have confirmed that there is a problem with this data (sometimes amounting to differences of as much as 2 μm in the value that we would normally take to be the "c" value in a typical range of the "(a-) b - c (-d)"; and we found that spore length data in the same work also is similarly problematic.  As a consequence, we have decided not to supply estimated Q value ranges (which are not present in the volume of concern) in the cases of spore data from that work.  The reason for this is that absence of a range for Q prevents automated generation of a sporograph.  On this site, in every case in which data is available from the work in question, it will be presented without estimated values for a Q range; and a note explaining the action will follow the presentation of that data.  At present, this impacts the techtabs of the following taxa: Amanita angustispora, A. austrobulbosa, A. clelandii, A. kammala, A. luteofusca, A. subalbida, and A. variabilis.

The current form of the note is as follows: "Note: We have not estimated a range for Q based on the (Grgurinovic 1997) spore data for this species in order to prevent automatic generation of a sporograph that we believe would be misleading.  We evaluated the Amanita spore length and width ranges from (Grgurinovic 1997) in comparison to comparable data published by other authors and often based on revision of the same specimens.  This experiment involved a total of 19 descriptions of a total of 13 species from the work of 3 authors.  In a range of the form "x - y" of spore length (width) from (Grgurinovic 1997) compared to a range of the form (a-) b - c (-d) of spore length (width) in the other works, the value of "y" was compared to the value of "c" as a ratio.  In the case of spore length ranges, on average (per author), the ratio y/c ranged from 1.06 - 1.10 (possibly due to the non-segregation of a "d" value in the ranges of concern).  In the case of spore width ranges, on average (per author), the ratio ranged from 1.14 - 1.23 (indicating the probability of compounding causes at play—possibly, the absence of the "d" value in the ranges of concern and failure to restrict spore measurement to spores strictly presenting in lateral view).  When sporographs were attempted from the Grgurinovic data, the utility of the tool was significantly degraded in its usefulness.—ed."

22 June 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita angustispora (extensive revision and revision of proposed placement to stirps Grossa) and A. subalbida.

20-21 June 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita aurea and A. cruzii

Updated techtabs: Amanita aurea, A. aureofloccosa, A. cruzii, A. occidentalis, A. punctata, and A. subvaginata.

17-18 June 2011

Reassignment of provisional taxon: Re-examination of the single collection given the temporary code name Amanita sp-WY01 reveals that its spores are not "weakly amyloid" as previously described, but inamyloid.  This requires the movement of the entity to Amanita stirps muscaria.  The material may prove to be a very weakly pigmented variant of A. muscaria subsp. flavivolvata.

Updated brief tabs: Limacella lenticularis var. fischeri and L. mcmurphyi.

Updated techtabs: Amanita pelioma, A. roseolamellata, A. spreta, and Limacella mcmurphyi.

12-16 June 2011

New topic link on taxon pages: A new link appears with educational topics on the left side of taxon pages. The new topic explains the lamella edge tissue in Amanita and why the inflated cells of this tissue do not fit the definition of cystidia.

Name change: Limacella guttata var. fischeri turns out to be invalid.  We therefore must revert to an available name: L. lenticularis var. fischeri.

Updated techtabs: Amanita albifimbriata, A. brunneiphylla, A. carneiphylla, A. hiltonii, A. ochrophylloides, A. pagetodes, A. parvipantherina, A. peltigera, A. populiphila, A. pyramidifera, A. rosea, and Limacella lenticularis var. fischeri.

11 June 2011

Shortly before midnight (U.S. Eastern Daylight [Savings] Time), we received our 8,000th visit for 2011.

Updated techtab: Amanita austroviridis.

8-9 June 2011

8 June 2011, we completed the process of making all the numbers in the "MycoBank numbers" data field (techtab) into links to the results the user would obtain from searching for that number on the MycoBank site. For this purpose, the user is transferred to the MycoBank site in a new tab.

Updated techtab: Amanita variabilis.

7 June 2011

Again, we acknowledge our gratitude to Gerrit Stegehuis at MycoBank for providing a correction for our pages.  We are additionally pleased to be listed among the databases on MycoBank's home page.  Today, we have established the first return links from to MycoBank.

Updated brief tab: Amanita pantherinoides.

Updated techtab: Amanita luteofusca.

5-6 June 2011

In order to get at least approximate sporographs, estimated values of Q have been generated for several additional species that lacked Q values in their protologs: Amanita austrobulbosa, A. fuscobrunnea, A. fuscosquamosa, A. ingwa, A. sordidogrisea, and A. strobilaceoides.  We expect that more such estimations will prove valuable.

New taxon page: Amanita brunneistriatula.

Updated techtabs: Amanita brunneistriatula, A. flavella, A. grisella, A. ingwa, A. luteofusca, A. luteolovelata, and A. orientifulva.

2-4 June 2011

Misspelling corrected: For many years, a misspelling of the name Amanita tjibodensis persisted on this site.  It was discovered in the last few days when links to our site were created from the MycoBank site by Gerrit Stegehuis. Veel dank, Gerrit!

Updated brief tab: Amanita griseofolia.

Updated techtabs: Amanita ananiceps, A. aporema, A. dumosorum, A. gossypinoannulata, A. griseoconia, A. griseofolia, A. griseovelata, A. griseoverrucosa, A. liquii, and A. luteivolvata.

30-31 May 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita muscaria and A. griselloides.

Updated techtabs: Amanita muscaria and A. griselloides.

25-28 May 2011

We're currently finishing the editing of complete techtabs for a group of taxa edited by ZLY and co-authors.  These should begin to appear over the next few days.

Updated techtabs: This list, in addition, to changes just made, includes some updates from the last month or so that were not reported "on time": Amanita arizonica, A. microspora , A. orientifulva, A. strobiliformis, and A. viscidolutea.

24 May 2011

Usage news: This morning (U.S. eastern daylight time), the site had its 7,000 user for 2011.  Page visits for the year are just shy of 84,000; and hits for the year are just over 158,000.

Updated brief tab: Amanita ceciliae.

Updated techtab: Amanita ceciliae, A. gracilior, A. pseudoinculta, and A. strobiliformis.

23 May 2011

Deleted taxon page: Amanita luteovergens (reduced to synonymy with A. mairei).

Updated techtabs: Amanita austrobulbosa, A. kotohiraensis, A. mairei, and A. pseudoinculta.

18-22 May 2011

We are delighted to report (if you hadn't noticed) that our work has not been interrupted by the ending of the universe on 21 May 2011.

Updated brief tab: Limacella olivaceobrunnea.

Updated techtabs: Amanita gracilior, A. muscaria, A. pudica, A. savannae, and Limacella olivaceobrunnea.

10-11 May 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita icthyeroballen.

Updated techtabs: Amanita calyptroderma and A. icthyeroballen.

2-4 May 2011

New taxon page: Amanita sp-Ridley-2.

Updated techtabs: Amanita altipes, A. austroviridis, A. basiorubra, A. pallidocarnea, A. pudibunda, and A. sp-Ridley-2.

1 May 2011

The number of visits to this site in 2011 went over 6,000 this evening (eastern U.S. daylight time).  The number of page visits for the year to date have exceeded 70,000 as of about the same time.

Updated techtabs: Amanita austroviridis and A. inopinata.

30 April 2011

Site not serving. Today we experienced a hardware outage. Apparently hardware can still be a problem for cloud computing providers. WAO ( was down from sometime after 7 a.m. to approximately 3 p.m. (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time).

25 April 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita roseolamellata.

Updated techtab: Amanita roseolamellata.

17-18 April 2011

The "How To" entry regariding RET's annotations and biometric variables has been rewritten to include instructions for defining a range for a variable.

Updated techtab: Amanita roseolamellata.

15 April 2011

Updated brief tabs: Amanita pallidorosea and A. verna.

8-12 April 2011

New taxon page: Amanita egregia sensu A. E. Wood.

Updated techtabs: Amanita arenaria, A. dumosorum, A. gossypinoannulata, A. griselloides, A. griseoconia, A. griseovelata, A. hiltonii, A. hyalyuy, A. luteovelata, A. ochrophylloides, A. pagetodes, A. pyramidifera, A. rosea, and A. roseolamellata.

7 April 2011

Mapping function switched off: The mapping function has been switched off for a moment in order to correct a parsing issue in a routine that extracts individual collections from the "materials examined" data fields.

Updated techtabs: Amanita cinereoconia, A. protecta, and A. subcokeri.

6 April 2011

In recent days many collections have been added to the material examined data fields of many taxon pages.  We have had the opportunity to catalog dozens of collections that have been recently added to RET's herbarium.  At the same time, we added the material to the website. Over 620 collections now have lat./long. information sufficient to have them represented on automatically generated maps that have been under development in the last month or so. Still a long way to go with regard to mapping all the material we cite.

2-4 April 2011

BUG resolved: The display problem has been resolved. Please report broken links and any other site errors.

Updated techtabs: Amanita bisporigera.

Updated checklist: The Texas and Gulf Coast checklist has undergone a number of changes as a side effect of peparing a lecture on the amanitas of eastern Texas and the Missippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast regions.  David Lewis will make the presentation at the Big Thicket Scientific Conference on the weekend of 8-10 April.

29 March 2011

BUG—Display problem: Blocks of magenta and olive type that have lost their font terminating tags. Waves of magenta and/or olive are polluting many pages.  We are aware of the problem and looking for the fastest effective way to resolve it.

Updated techtab: Amanita chrysoleuca sensu O. K. Mill et al.

19 March 2011

Site usage: Today, had its 4,000th visitor of 2011.

15-18 March 2011

Corrected name spelling: The correct spelling of a mis-spelled name is Amanita hayalyuy.

Updated techtabs: Amanita bisporigera and A. submaculata.

13 March 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita friabilis.

10-11 March 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita elliptosperma, A. magnivelaris, Limacella guttata, L. subillinita, and L. sp-Williams-1-x-1995.

Comments: The limited data from the protolog of L. subillinita has been added to the site, and the range of L. sp-Williams-1-x-1995 has been extended from two counties in Florida (USA) to eastern Texas (USA).

7-8 March 2011

New page: Amanita sp-34.

Updated checklist: US - Texas and Gulf CoastA. murrilliana and A. virginiana are added to the checklist.

Updated techtab: Amanita virginiana.

2-3 March 2011

New pages: Amanita sp-N17 and A. sp-NW10.

Site statistics: Site visits for 2011 exceeded 3,000 in the afternoon of 2 March (eastern U.S. time).

Techtab updates: Amanita fuligineodisca, A. novinupta, A. pantherina, A. parcivolvata, A. porphyria, A. pseudocrocea, A. rubescens var. alba, A. sp-M15, A. sp-M16, A. vaginata var. alba, and A. verna.

25-26 February 2011

Techtab updates: Amanita daimonioctantes, A. dryophila, A. eijii, A. flavescens, A. friabilis, A. lactea, A. lilloi, A. sphaerobulbosa, and A. subcokeri.

14-24 February 2011

New page: Amanita sp-N48.

New taxon page: Amanita chrysoleuca sensu Miller.

Reclassification of material from a numbered species: The single specimen that was classified temporarily as Amanita sp.-T41 has been identified as A. murrilliana. The cryptonom. temp. "Amanita sp.-T41" has been eliminated.

Techtab updates: Amanita arenicola, A. baccata sensu Arora, A. bisporigera, A. boudieri, A. brunneolocularis, A. farinosa, A. longicuneus, A. malleata, A. murrilliana, A. olivaceogrisea, A. polypyramis, A. salmonescens, A. silvicola, A. sinicoflava, A. smithiana, A. sp-10, A. sp-M17, A. sp-M20, A. sp-M21, sp-T12, sp-T13, A. suballiacea, A. virosiformis, A. volvata, and Limacella sp-Williams-1-x-1995.

12 February 2011

Revised and illustrated compilation of notes on mushroom poisoning: This document is especially focused on a user audience in the states of the central eastern portion of the U.S.; however, with different species examples, the document is generally applicable.  the added content and, especially, the added illustrations bring the document to over 1.5 MBytes as a PDF using Acrobat vers. 9 compatible compression.

New name: Amanita volvarielloides was described as new in 2009.  The authors of the name were not familiar with Amanita taxonomy and related morphological methodologies; nor did they have uptodate knowledge of molecular work in Amanita.  The resulting description is idiosyncratic and requires a thorough revision of the holotype.  The argument for novelty is not adequate; hence, the status of the species, one it is better known should be reviewed.

11 February 2011

Techtab update: The erroneous spore data from Jenkins' type study of Amanita suballiacea was on-line for a couple of months before RET caught it today.  The spore data from RET's revision of Murrill's type has replaced the erroneous data.  Jenkins' error appears to have been the substitution of a complete set of data for a different species for the data of A. suballiacea.

1-8 February 2011

Mapping data trials: Costa Rican data for Amanita conara, A. costaricensis, A. garabitoana, A. muscaria subsp. flavivolvata, A. sp-CR01, A. sp-CR02, A. sp-CR04, A. sp-CRO5, A. sp-CR09, A. sp-CR13, A. sp-CR16, A. sp-CR18, A. sp-HON02, and A. sp-M15.  These trials led to some reconception and redesign of the hidden "Materials" tab that will play a major role in mapping and the related projects such as regional checklists and regional pseudomonographs or field guides.  Further steps in automating the editing process for the requisite data should result.

Updated techtabs: Amanita atkinsoniana, A. aurantiobrunnea, A. calochroa, A. campinaranae, A. coacta, A. costaricensis, A. crebresulcata, A. cyanopus, A. lanivolva, A. onusta, A. perphaea, A. phaea, and A. xerocybe.

Error corrected: An error in the PDF file describing the drawing of a sporograph has been corrected. Thank you to Dr. Elaine Davison who detected the error and reported it to us.

30-31 January 2011

Updated techtab: Amanita dulciarii.

Additional or replaced illustrations: Amanita gayana.

27 January 2011

Bug: A bug that caused images to be removed from six taxon pages was identified.  Manual elimination of the bug now results in all the images being displayed once more.

Glossaries: Improvements have been made to the current Glossary page and interactions with site users will bring more improvements.  We are not interested in duplicating the glossary at the Agriculture Canada site to which we provide a link on the Glossary page.  We would like to focus on developing a site glossary that is useful to our users interested in the Amanitaceae.  To that latter end, we will distinguish annotations of glossary items from word definitions, and continue to add annotations.

22 January 2011

This morning received it 1,000th visit of the 2011.

At present we are working on a revision of the mushroom poisoning compendium PDF that is located on our our Mushroom Poisoning page.  This effort is a part of creating an initial program for Emergency Medical Services teams dealing with first response in cases of mushroom poisoning.

18-20 January 2011

New taxon page: Amanita agglutinata sensu Pegler.

Updated techtabs: Amanita antillana, A. fuscostriata, A. nauseosa, A. pegleri, and Limacella alachuana.

15-16 January 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita borealisorora, A. murina, A. regalis, A. subremota, and A. wellsii.

11-13 January 2011

Updated brief tab: Amanita chrysoleuca. Updated techtabs: Amanita arenicola, A. brunneibulbosa, A. eucalypti, A. fibrillopes, A. maryaliceae, A. microspora, A. peckiana, and A. pubescens sensu Coker.

5-10 January 2011

The nomenclatural status of Amanita umbrina Beeli has been corrected; the name is legitimate and accepted.  A. infusca, as a consequence, is illegitimate.  We are very grateful to Dr. Joost Stalpers for pointing out the complexities of the nomenclatural situation.

Transfer of all material examined, ecological, and basidiospore data from (Yang 1997) to the appropriate techtabs has been completed as of 8 January 2011.

Updated brief tabs: Amanita sculpta and A. umbrina.

Updated techtabs: Amanita albifimbriata, A. americrocea, A. austroviridis, A. avellaneosquamosa, A. basiorubra, A. brunneiphylla, A. carneiphylla, A. castanopsis, A. citrina var. grisea, A. clarisquamosa, A. flavipes, A. flaviphylla, A. fritillaria, A. fritillaria f. malayensis, A. fuliginea, A. griseibrunnea, A. griseofarinosa, A. innatifibrilla nom. prov., A. japonica, A. kalamundae, A. luteivolvata, A. manginiana sensu W. F. Chiu, A. neoovoidea, A. pilosella, A. pseudovaginata, A. sculpta, A. sepiacea, A. umbrina, A. verrucosivolva, A. virgineoides, and A. walpolei.

3-4 January 2011

Updated techtabs: Amanita chepangiana, A. javanica, A. obsita, A. princeps, A. similis, A. subcokeri, A. sychnopyramis, and A. yuaniana.

1 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Updated techtab: Amanita kotohiraensis.

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