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25-26 January 2023:

New page: Amanita sp-T52 is added to section Amidella.

Updated techtabs: Amanita insinuans, A. thiersii, Zhuliangomyces subillinitus.

19 January 2023:

All herbarium shelves are accessible. There is still lots of junk piled in the herbarium, but it room about to be fully usable in a post flood form.  That is to say, everything that should be there is there, and everything that should be somewhere else is still there in part.  About 24 hours away is a workable work table and a workable small desk...cross fingers.

We're working on submission of many sequences to GenBank, with particular focus on section Amanita section Amidella.  The genes targeted are nrITS, nrLSU, and rpb2.

Updated techtab: Amanita floridella.

1 Jan. 2023: Happy New Year.

End of year stats (1 Jan. - 31 Dec. 2022)

As in previous years, these stats do not include visits by spiders, worms, robots, and their ilk.  We believe that the following statistics represent human traffic on the site.

Total visits = 206,235...15.3% increase...  [2021: 178,889...18.3% decrease from 2020
Total page-visits = 3,402,748...17% increase...  [2021: 2,910,192...5.6% over 2021]
Total hits = 5,358,245...9.4% increase...  [2021: 4,896,470...3.6% over 2021]
Total bandwidth = 218.54 GBytes...18% increase... over 2021  [2021: 185.73 GBytes...0.8% over 2019]

Total apparent countries of origin of visitors = no stats...  [2015: 158]
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